Host a Pinterest worthy Summer Party!

I  A B S O L U T E L Y love to host parties.  I love getting the table set, coming up with a meal plan, entertainment, the works.

But sometimes I don't have the time or funds to pull off a Pinterest worthy brunch.  Recently I celebrated my friends birthday and her daughter's graduation.  I was pressed for time and travelling the following week. But I was determined to make it beautiful on a budget and within a short time frame.

Here Are my summer tips for hosting

P I C K  A  T H E M E.  Make sure you love it because it will become your summer party theme. Instead of changing your decor everytime you have guests over, visit your local doller store and pick up some items you can re use. I choose a 'Tropical' theme for the summer.

S H O P  C H E A P.  Now a days dollar stores are on the come up.  There is no need to spend a lot of money.  At my local Dollar Store I was able to find napkins, serving trays and tea towels that coincided with my theme.  Set your budget and get staple pieces that can really tie your events together

P E R S O N A L I Z E.  You don't have to be an expert Calligrapher for this one. All you need is a small chalk board sign, letter bboar or empty frame . Write a special welcome phrase for your guests.  Make sure the phrase is something you can use for each party if you want to save on tkms. Things like 'Summer Eats' ' When the sun goes down the sound goes up' or a simple 'welcome summer' all add a personalized touch to your home!

J U S T  H A V E  F U N.  As an introvert, I am an amazing planner, but entertaining....not so much. Depending on my guests and mood, I have my go to games. Geusstures, Scavenger Hunt and outdoor walks are always great options.

S I M P L E  F O O D.  This summer I want to do a lot of get togethers and I know food will deter me. It gets expensensive or I run out of ideas.
So here are my go to's.  If you are invited over this summer most likely one of these things will be served.

Summer Salad
BBQ Chicken or chicken Skewers
Crab& Lobster Dip
Trifle for dessert
Fruit Kabobs
Waffle Bar
Italian Sandwiches
Burgers & hot dogs ( when I am lazy)

Hope these tips help you in planning a Pinterest worthy summer party!


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