F O O D B O X # H A C K

I  A M  A D D I C T E D to food boxes!  Hello Fresh, Miss Fresh, Chefs Plate...Good Food.  All a yes for me!  After a tough season in my life  ( you can read about here) I decided to give myself a pick me up and treat myself to food boxes to motivate myself to cook!  Took keep it super affordable I signed up to lots of different companies and made use of their promotions(#immahustler).  I managed to stretch that out over a 6 week period!   And today that 6 weeks has come to an end! I digress...
Throw it all on the BBQ, foil packets are great for steaming veggies
& roasting potatoes!! Reduces kitchen mess by 90%
While I could extend it by using friends houses for delivery...I will save it for another time I may find it useful!

The problem is...I am now A D D I C T E D.  The idea of grocery shopping is a now a foreign concept.  Meal planning seems overwhelming...I am wondering how I did it for the past decade??
Yes... I am being a bit dramatic, however I think what stresses out most people, is the "What to cook?" moment. So here are a few things I am going to implement this week to lessen my day to day cooking stress!

P L A N. I guess this goes without saying?  Doing it is entirely different.  Each week I will sit down and write out what I want to make Mon-Fri. All breakfasts &  dinners.  Lunch is always a hit and miss in this house.

L I S T. After I plan out my meals, I will write what I need for each meal.  I find once you already have your meal plan written, it's easy to write a grocery list.  You end up buying exactly what you need.

O R G A N I Z E.  One of the things I loved about food boxes is the organization.  I grab the bag and all I need for my meal is pretty much inside the bag.  Except for meat and any canned gods. To replicate this, when I am putting away the groceries, I separate what I need for each meal into a giant zip lock bag with the meal written on the bag.

E N J O Y.  Here's to the continued food box life...but at a much cheaper price! The initial planning may seem a bit daunting, but after a month or so if you keep all your meal plans and grocery lists you can just keep repeating  your meals and will no longer need to rewrite lists.  It's a Y A A A S S S S for me!!


  1. Vee I LOOOOOVE the food boxes. The ideas are so delicious and new and to know I have dinner pretty much ready, all I have to do is cook = AMAZING! I might need to do your idea and just hustle these companies to get some sweet deals lol


    1. Girl. I am telling you. I haven't done them for a month and I am ready to get my hustle back on. Way easier and great for busy lodestlif


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