This Weeks Menu

I remember as an ambitious new bride, I made meal plans for our family.  
As the years passed i forfeited this habit.  Be it that I am beginning my Anit Laziness Challenge/Bootcamp , I thought it would be fitting to make a menu for this week!  So it will look a little something like this...

Am: Cereal
Lunch: Egg salad
Pm: Chicken & Oyster Sauce (will post recipe :))

Am: Banana Peanutbutter Smoothie
Lunch: Tomato Soup
Pm: Spicy fahitas

Am: Scrambled eggs & cucumbers
Lunch: Very Berry Yogurt Smoothie
Pm: BBQ Burgers

Am: Cereal
Lunch: Peanut butter Sandwhich
Pm: Stewed Cabbage & Rice (yumm...have to try it-will post recipe)

Am: Fruit
Lunch: Greek Wrap
Pm: Left overs :)

Sat  & Sun-No cooking, we will be out at the Rally & visiting with friends  :)


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