Chrismtas Menu

As  usual Christmas Dinner is held in the Rodney Residence on Christmas Eve.

So this year  I thought I would share whats on our Christmas Menu

For the Carnivores-
Smokey Turkey
Garlic Lime Chicken
Beef Stew
Curry Chicken

For the Veggies
\Rosmary Baked potatoes
A nice green Salad
Green-banana salad

For the Carbaholics
Macaroni Pie
Rice & Peas
and most likely some more pasta salad/potato salad

For the Sweet tooths
Cheese Cake
12 Layer Russionn Honey Cake "remix" with egg nog instead of honey
European cookies & Specialty chocolates

For the junkies

For the thirsty folks
Egg nog
Famous Punch
Home made carrot juice (mmmhh)

Whats on your christmas menu?


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